DDA/Mainstreet (109 W 17th St)

The Cheyenne Depot/Plaza (1 Depot Square & West 15th Street)

Laramie County Library (2200 Pioneer Avenue)

West Edge Collective (707 W Lincolnway)

Danielmark's Brewing Company (209 East 18th Street)

Black Tooth Brewing Company (520 W 19th St)

Freedom's Edge Brewing Co. (1509 Pioneer Ave)

Rock on Wheels (900 East Lincolnway)

The Albany (1506 Capitol Ave)

How to Rent a Bike


1. Download the Koloni App to your phone from the Google Play or App Store.

2. Create a secure account.  Each bike can be rented for $1.00/hour.

3. To locate a bike near you, click on a flag on the map.  Select your payment option (the saved credit card information you entered) and follow the instructions on the screen.

4. After “waking” the lock on the bike, scan the QR code into the Koloni App OR enter the 3-digit ID number listed on the bike. This will unlock the bike and begin your rental!

5. You can “pause” your rental to lock your bike, which will prevent anyone else from renting it until you return. The bike will continue to be rented by you during this time and you are responsible for its security while you are renting it.

6. Enjoy the ride!

7.  Once you are finished riding, please return your bike to one of the eight bike racks located throughout the downtown area.  They are located on the map above and are also tagged on the map in the Koloni App.


About ReRide


The Downtown Development Authority is excited to introduce the new and improved Cheyenne ReRide Bicycle Program!  We are thrilled to bring to Cheyenne a new, easier way to explore the downtown area that is entirely app-based!

Download the Koloni App, locate one of the eight bike racks in Cheyenne, scan the bike and away you go!  We hope you love this program as much as we do – happy biking!

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